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dozens of people lit candles tonight as they came together to honor the memory of a convenience store clerk and also reassess their own sense of security. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he was 67 years old working the grave ward shift at the 7/11 when armed robbers came in and shot him dead. ktvu's amber lee is live now in milpitas where a candlelight vigil for the clerk just concluded within the past hour. >> the store clerk worked
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inside this 7/11 store, tonight community members worked together to remember a man they said they didn't know well but still considered him family. dozens of people prayed in front of this store. they came to hold a candlelight vigil for a man who rang up their purchases with a smile. he had only worked here for seven months but quickly became a member of the community. >> to see the community come together like that -- >> reporter: there was a police presence at tonight's vigil. detectives told us they are still looking for the three suspects seen in these images taken from surveillance footage. seda was killed during an armed robbery last saturday. >> reporter: one customer came to offer a sympathy card for
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the victim's family. >> they're bold because the police department is right there. >> i don't think any of us are going to be okay. it's up to us. you can't invade our neighborhood. >> reporter: this customer has a message for the suspects. >> may god have mercy on your soul, because what you did was senseless. you know, crazy. >> just angers me that this kind of crap goes on in the community. one is too many. we need to stop this violence and keep this animal petas. >> reporting live here in milpitas, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news -- and keep this out of milpitas. amber lee, ktvu news. we have new information
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tonight about two bodies found tonight. one of the bodies was that of a 17-year-old who had run away from pleasanton. a maid discovered the bodies just after noon. the other victim is being described as an adult male from livermore possibly the girl's boyfriend. both suffered gunshot wounds. the girl was reported missing on monday. the newark police department is investigating the matter as a suicide or mothib of a bay area teenager had to travel to peru to spark a search for her missing son. and unfortunately that search has ended with the discovery of his body. he didn't come home as scheduled his mother and sister headed south to try to find him. peruvian police discovered his body in a grave at the
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spiritual center. investigators say the shaman and two other men are now facing criminal charges. new at 10:00, the oakland police department is about to take a step toward solving one of its biggest problems by putting more officers on the street. the first police academy in four years is set to begin on monday, eric. >> reporter: julie, 55 recruits will report to the sixth floor classroom here for orientation on monday. but with opd staffing at its lowest level in more than a decade and still falling, it may take more than just a new academy class to put new officers on the streets. >> reporter: this was the last time oakland police graduated new recruits. it was 2008 and brought the force up to 837 sworn officerless. four years later, opd has 200 fewer cops on the street and some residents say they are feeling the impact. >> i've called in took maybe about five to six hours to respond. >> there hasn't been a day in
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the last four or five months where someone in the department hasn't asked me, when are we going to have the next academy. >> reporter: captain figueroa is leading the new academy starting monday. >> certainly there was some pressure to get this moving. we're so fortunate so many people stepped up and really helped us make this a reality. >> with all of the fighting that goes on with the city council it's hard to get anything done. to have this happen now is a miracle in and of itself. >> reporter: he's among many who have been calling for more police academies but with opd losing four to six officers a month to retirement or jobs in other cities, castro warns just one academy won't be enough. >> with the attrition rate will this academy really put more officers on the street? >> i don't know what the final numbers are. but i do know that we hope to graduate 55 more people by next february. now while the goal is to
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have three police academies here every year, the city says money has largely kept that from happening. now this class of 55 recruits actually came from a pool of more than 2,300 that took a written test back in march. starting salary about $20,000 a year. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. more details now on crime in oakland, new statistics show crime is up 12% in the city from a year ago. serious crime is also on the rise. it's risen 17% compared to last year. the numbers come from oakland police. and coming up at 10:45, a new police approach to dealing with prostitution. the deterrent that arrives in the mail. the american civil liberties union says fbi agents were keeping watch last year on occupy protesters in oak land. the aclu says government records show fbi officials met on how to deal with a possible airport demonstration and other occupy activities. the aclu also says the government should not be spying
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on people who are exercising their constitutional rights. >> they are refusing to hand over documents sighting national security. so all of a sudden, political protest is a threat to our nation's security. >> in new york today, twitter handed over about three months worth of tweets from an occupy protester. firefighters had their hands full this afternoon fighting a fire near the world famous getty's center. five helicopters were called in to make water drops. firefighters provided protection for a large number, for a number of large homes in the area. the getty's center is about a mile away. the museum was closed as a precaution. firefighters managed to prevent
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any damage. it was hot in southern california today, downtown los angeles hit 100 degrees. there's more evidence tonight of a recovering housing market. sales of bay area homes have surged to levels we haven't seen since before the recession. real estate research group data quick says august home sales in the bay area were the strongest in six yearlings. more than 8,500 homes traded hands last months. as ktvu reporter tom vacar tells tells us now, home buyers on the sidelines are taking action. >> reporter: merris delane was packing tonight. for the delane's things finally lined up. >> the mortgage rates were incredibly low. we were thinking about expanding our family and there
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was a house we had to jump on. >> reporter: even as the sale sign went up, there have been several offers. >> it's in the right area, with good schools and that's what people are looking for now. >> reporter: the days of denial and false home have ended but not so much so in other bay area counties. >> sellers, real sellers have acknowledged the adjustment in their price. because they are being welcomed by ready buyers. >> reporter: in other words, priced 20% below. august bay area sales are at its lowest since 2006. 14% more homes sold than in august of last year. and at prices almost 11% higher. but make no mistake, better than the rest of the nation. >> well it's never a better time to buy if you have the financial resources to put the down payment. i mean that's the key. >> reporter: when people do
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move, that helps everyone. from movers to furniture stores and everyone in between and all of that creates jobs. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. advocates for the developmentally disabled are calling for an independent investigation about reports of abuse. a report accused care givers of tasing13 patients last year. activists are also urging the governor to sign five bills that would protect the developmentally disabled against abuse. police and students are on alert tonight after an attempted robbery on a san jose state campus. it happened around 1:15 this morning. officers say a 21-year-old man was walking near the student union when he was atalked by four or five others. the victim says one of the men pulled out a gun. he wasn't stabbed but officers say he did suffer injuries to his hand. at this point, no arrests have been made. preorders for apple's newest iphone are selling so
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quickly delivery times are delayed. apple says the new iphone 5 unveiled wednesday is thinner, lighter and faster. the company began taking preorders just after midnight. there are so many the delivery time is stretched from one week to two weeks. apple calls the response incredible. that news helped apple stock reach an all time high. at the close today it was $691.28 a share. an increase of $8. on wall street stocks closed higher capping a week of solid gains. the dow industrial rose 53. she's a bay area firefighter battling cancer. what happened just one day after we revealed why city hall would not let her coworkers help her out. a peninsula school devastated by a fire has smoke detectors but nobody knew the building was burning until two hours later. we'll tell you why and how
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state law played into that. but
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four americans, four patriot, they loved this country and they chose to serve it and served it well. the four americans killed in this week's attack on the
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u.s. consulate in libya came home today in flag draped coffins. as mike mibach reports the men were honored as heros and patriots in a ceremony at joint base andrews just outside of the nation's capital. >> reporter: one casket at a time. four americans brought back to their home soil awaiting their families, their president. >> they had a mission, and they believed in it. they knew the danger, and they accepted it. >> reporter: the transfer of remains ceremony was somber yet patriotic as four u.s. diplomats were honored including bay area native ambassador chris stevens. >> there in benghazi he layed down his life for his friends. libyan and american. and for us all.
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today chris is home. >> secretary of state hillary clinton asked stevens to be the u.s. ambassador to libya this year knowing the u.s. needed a strong presence and leader to engage with the country's revolutionaries that overthrew gadhafi. stevens was the man. >> reporter: he was known not only for his courage, but for his smile. goofy but contagious for his sense of fun and that california cool. >> reporter: sprinkled in today were songs of america and the america that will never retreat from the world. >> we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves. whatever their creed, whatever their faith. that's the essence of american leadership. >> scripture teaches us,
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greater love have no man than this, but a man lay down his life for his friends. >> reporter: and lay down their lives these four patriots did for their friends, for their country. mike mibach, ktvu news. republican nominee mitt romney took time out today during a campaign stop in ohio to acknowledge the return of those four americans killed in libya. >> in the last few moments the bodies of four individuals who were killed in the service of our nation were brought back to the united states and welcomed home. >> reporter: romney said he had to delayed the start of his comments so he could watch the ceremony. he then pulled out a card to read the men's names and asked for a moment of silence. >> all of that rage has now
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spread to 20 countries all over the world. north africa, the middle east to pakistan and india. what we want to do is show you the situation specifically, there we go specifically in tenesia. so far two people have been killed. the american school there was also gutted by fire. and it was more of the same as we move on to the situation in egypt as well. riot police battling with hundreds of protesters just a few blocks from the american embassy in cairo. so far security forces have been able to keep them out of the embassy. one protester has been killed, dozens more have been injured. and coming up in about 12 minutes, we're going to look at how technology is now playing a major role in all of these protests. firefighters revealed new information today about a fire that gutted part of a menlo park school yesterday. as ktvu's janine de la vega reports, that fire burned for hours before firefighters
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responded because of a loophole in the law. >> reporter: today beach wood elementary school looked like a demolition zone rather than a place where kids come to learn and play. the school learned a hard lesson. >> it's tragic, but in some ways i'm not going to say it's completely preventable but the outcome would have been much different had they had early prevention. >> reporter: the fire had been burning for several hours before they received a 911 call. the administrative offices and third grade classroom were destroyed. under state law, portable classrooms are only required to have fire alarms that are activated manually. school officials say they have that and smoke detectors but nobody was at the school right now. >> the fire alarm is not monitored so it did not send a report to the fire department. >> reporter: new permanent public school buildings in california are required to have a fire alarm with sprinklers and a monitoring system that
11:49 pm
alerts a third party. there was a push to close a loophole. but that legislation failed. that concerns elizabeth vargas who has two children attending beach wood. she told us in spanish. >> they should have a system where it would contact firefighters so they can save everything because it would be so sad if it happened again. >> reporter: a school spokeswoman told us they are looking into installing a third party monitoring system because they don't want this to happen again. reporting from menlo park, janine de la vega, ktvu news. contra costa county health officials today confirmed a second human case of west nile virus. health officials say this latest case involves an east county woman who came down with a mild case of the disease. she's now recovering. 39 people in contra costa county have been diagnosed with west nile virus since 2005 and two of them have died. vector control workers in the south bay are set to fog an area in san jose tomorrow night to combat the mosquitoes that
11:50 pm
carry west nile virus. the area is roughly bordered by blossom hill ride and curry drive. the fogging comes after mosquitoes carrying the virus were confirmed to be in that area. the fogging is set to start at 11:00 tomorrow night weather permitting. menlo park police say a masked man robbed a bank today escaping in a stolen car that was later found on fire. the wells fargo bank at 735 santa cruz avenue was robbed at 1:00 p.m. today. a witness saw a robber flee in a honda accord. the vehicle was found two blocks away on robel avenue. the robber got away. police say the honda was recently stolen from redwood city. and your high temperatures today were a little warmer in
11:51 pm
some places. 91 in antioch. 88 in livermore. as we head into your saturday, temperatures back into the 90s. fog forecast for tomorrow morning. a little more aggressive. the fog is back at the coast it burned off about sunset. now it's back in the avenues, it's back at the cliff house, back at the golden gate bridge. tomorrow morning it'll push a little further inland. more like this. i think we will see fog in sausalito and richmond as well. we go to the bay area weekend forecast. five day forecast and i'll show you which day in the weekend will be the warmest. it was a story that we first brought you last night and it has now triggered a fire storm. the show of support for a firefighter battling the city as she gets ready to
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on the fight of a san francisco firefighters forced to fight city hall while fighting breast cancer. we first told you about her plight last night. her story has generated an outpouring of support. >> reporter: janet neves rivera first told ktvu about her fight with breast cancer. today she has told us she's been overwhelmed from general -- generosity from people all over the country. the mother of two has used up her sick leave. the city's public health department turned down the request saying her current condition is not life threatening. >> i couldn't tell you how
11:55 pm
angry i was after serving the fire department for 12 years. >> reporter: rivera's case is a confidential personnel matter. >> the world is spreading very quick -- the word is spreading very quickly, people are angry. >> reporter: the public health's department's response is puzzling says dr. attai. >> i don't think you have to be on a respirator in a coma to be considered to have a life threatening disease, and breast cancer surely does apply in my opinion. >> reporter: david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. concern is growing at yosemite national park over the hantavirus. officials now say 230,000 warnings about that disease have been e-mailed to visitors who stated at the park since
11:56 pm
early june. here in the bay area, officials in the contra costa county say they haven't tested mice in five weeks, but a study found 10% carry the virus. still officials say there's really no reason to panic. >> a little different than yosemite, we don't have any of the permanent structures like the cabins or anything. >> reporter: experts say campers should fully clean their gear before using it since deer mice can also live in the suburbs. the fda is holding mango imports from south america. the fruit was linked to dozens of illnesses across the united states last month including some here in california. it's very exciting to be back.
11:57 pm
a happy homecoming for some bay area soldiers. the big celebration held for them today. >> and residents
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
in sacramento, muslim americans held what they called an emergency vigil for ambassador stevens. they said that stevens was loved and respected and also added violence does not represent islam nor the libyan people. you tube today expanded its restrictions on the video sparking much of the violence overseas. the bay area company blocked the trailer in two more countries india and indonesia but still insist that that
12:00 am
video falls within its guidelines. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live right now at the arab american cultural center in san jose with how technology like you tube is helping to spread protests, jana. >> reporter: that's right frank. we talked to the center's president today and he says he's just seen an explosion online of e-mails, facebook postings, postings on twitter and other websites which all point to the role that technology is playing in these protests. images of the protests happening throughout the world today are spreading through the internet as quickly as the once obscured trailer of the anti islam film which sparked the protest. >> tons of opinions, ideas. >> reporter: the arab american cultural center say that they've seen the you tube video which now has more than 4 million hits. >> most people have seen it by now. and it's -- you almost wish they just don't see it and
12:01 am
don't make that so many hits on you tube. >> it takes on a life of its own. >> reporter: professor iraheem says the video's rapid spread is a sign of the times. >> because of the internet and because of social media its spreading even further and it's actually doing way more damage than it would have done back in the day when we didn't have access to the internet. >> reporter: abrehim says the timing of the film is a factor in countries where freedom of speech however offensive is a new concept. >> these are very young democracies so people are still not entirely used to the idea of a free marketplace of ideas. >> reporter: they believe social media is not creating the problem just magnifying it.
12:02 am
and he hopes technology will help play a role in bringing down violence. two attorneys met with nacula for several hours today. federal officials are looking into whether he violated his probation on bank fraud charges by using a computer to up load film clips to the internet. and has more on nacula and his past. just look for the libyan attack tab on the front page. it was a happy homecoming today for bay area soldiers back from afghanistan. 18 army reservists from the civil affairs battalion arrived at san jose airport this afternoon after a year in afghanistan. one soldier we spoke with said he is thrilled to be back home
12:03 am
with his children. >> it's just very exciting to be back. i'm very looking forward to catching up with my son and my young daughter. >> the soldiers were then escorted from the airport to the army reserve center in mountain view for a very special welcome home ceremony. oakland a's pitcher brandon mccarthy visited his teammates today a little more than a week after he had brain surgery. you will recall it was a week ago wednesday that a line drive hit mccarthy right on the side of his face. today he showed up at the clubhouse and relief pitch every blevins says he's the same guy just with a buzz cut and a scar on his head. he also said mccarthy looks tougher now. police have not released the suspects name but they say they are a 21-year-old man from oakley and 15-year-old boy.
12:04 am
there's word the suspects were part of a rival rap group. police are still looking for another 18-year-old in connection with this case. a faculty member at the nayal postgradual school is under arrest in connection with the death of his estranged wife. 69-year-old lawrence jones was arrested in los angeles this week on suspicion of homicide. the body of his 29-year-old wife was found by a hiker in san benito county last friday. police are treating her death as a homicide. firefighters in antioch are investigating three suspicious fires. the first fire broke out at about 10:30 last night in a grove of trees at l and west and eighth street. investigators believe that fire is related to a fire a little later at the 99-cent store. it took crews about 30 minutes to get that fire contained. and fire crews put out a third suspicious fire in the same area. that fire burned some trees behind a house on william reed
12:05 am
drive also near l. street. firefighters say it may have started at a homeless encampment along railroad tracks. it appears the center is near for a recycling center. city officials say the center is now obsolete and won't renew its lease. and a recent court decision ruled in favor of the city. >> and people can also drop off cardboard and paper and other items for recycling at the mr. blue bin pick up if they have too much that fits in the blue bin. >> in the beginning it was a useful thing but it kind of became obsolete over the decade. >> reporter: the council now has until october 1st to leave the property. the city plans to keep the area for a community garden. we're hearing about a frightening incident in south san francisco. usually caltrain pass pass --
12:06 am
passengers can cross the tracks to catch the train. but listen to what happened, an express train came barreling and the people on the tracks literally had to jump out of the way. caltrans says it hasn't determined what has happened yet but one engineer has tested positive for marijuana. nogaya has been charged with assaulting his wife. he worked at the consulate in san francisco as a vice counsel. his wife alleged the abuse happened for many months. they had been married for a year. thousands of people evacuated from university campuses. and the fog cleared earlier tonight but the fog is back now. it'll be back in a couple of minutes to let you know how that
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i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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a couple of new surveys of san franciscos seemedded to indicate support for a new arena for the warriors. one poll suggests 68% support city wide for a new arena. that support rising to 80% once the project details are explained. however an online poll of neighborhood groups suggests the number is closer to 40% when the people polled live near the actual site. the warriors plan to build their arena on piers 30 and 32. the board of san francisco is holding hearings. well a female pit bull that was left tied to a roadside mile marker in the south bay is
12:10 am
noa new home. the dog named apple was found earlier this month tied to a poston highway 152 near the fairground in watsonville. the santa cruz animal shelter says apple will be available for adoption starting tomorrow. she has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. in news of the world tonight, in guatemala the fuego volcano is sending streams of ash and gas high into the sky and lava is pouring down the slopes. it's the largest eruption in more than 40 years. it now appears to be tapering off and thousands who had evaluated are starting to return home. that volcano is located 500 miles southwest of the capital of guatemala city. pope benedict xvi arrived today to his visit in the
12:11 am
middle east. the vatican has down played any security scares. in london the headlines today were about topples photos of the dutchess of cambridge who is the wife of prince william. the pictures were taken while the couple was vacationing. in reaction the couple is filing suit. the photos are also reminding many of the paparazzi's role in princess diana's death in paris 15 years ago. thousands of students were forced to leave three college campuses after bomb threats prompted evacuations in texas, north dakota and ohio. the universities reopened after the threats proved to be unfounded. the much smaller harum college in northeast ohio remains closed tonight. the school has received calls from a man claiming to belong to al-qaida and saying bombs would go off in 90 minutes. tackling a prostitution hot spot. the approach leaders in one
12:12 am
city are taking that has residents working with police. will this week's warm weather stick around for the weekend? chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete bay area forecast. up firs what's that? swavory. swavory? use it in a sentence. uh, my new waffle breakfast sandwich is "swavory." it's got the savory goodness of my new country grilled sausage, plus a fried egg and melting cheese, and the sweetness of toasted maple waffles. so, triple word score...that's 96 points for me. "nonookie?"
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we have new video into the ktvu newsroom. this is the sonoma helicopter helping in a cliff rescue in marin county. a man and woman used a cell phone to call for help after they got stuck the face of the cliff. the helicopter was called in to grab the two, hoisting them one at a time to safety. the man and the woman both from nevato are said to be okay.
12:15 am
they said they have fed up with prostitution so now city leaders are enlisting their help. oakland police are now targeting the prostitute's john with a letter writing campaign that was initiated by neighbors. >> reporter: this stretch of oakland international boulevard has been a prostitution hot spot for years. >> i think they need to be doing more because it's just too many of them out here. little girls, grown women. >> just for the young girls out there, they need some help. >> reporter: residents say shutting down the motel has helped but the problem persists. >> it's not look good. yeah. the young ladies walking around. >> reporter: some business owners talked to us but didn't want us to identify them or their businesses. they say the hookers leave a mess. >> they leave empty cups, bottles all around this corner. >> reporter: mixed in with the assorted garbage, we found that condemn wrappers are abundant. >> it's a threat to the community, a threat for the
12:16 am
example for our children and our youth. >> reporter: so city leaders are taking a different approach by writing dear john letters. asking residents to take down license plates and give them to police who then send letters of warnings to those registered addresses. >> just to shame them and warn them that their behavior is not wanted and that it's in this area and people are watching. >> reporter: they've already sent 10 of those dear john letters. and they've handed out these fliers explaining to the public how to help. gps is used to alert people trained in cpr when someone near by needs help. it also pinpoints the location
12:17 am
of the closest defibrillators. all right you've been waiting for it. the weekend is finally here and the weather is going to cooperate. we've had nice weather all week. that weather is going to translate into your sunday and monday. fog showing up at ocean beach. it did clear for a time today. here's the deal. tomorrow morning you are going to have fog along the coast. you're going to have a little bit of an inland intrusion. your saturday will be a little warmer than today. most likely the warmest day on your bay area weekend. the extended forecast, nice, warm and mild as we go through time. we're looking for temperatures to begin to get back into the 80s and low 90s tomorrow. here's that fog footprint tomorrow morning. here's a little bit across the bay. i think that could happen. but watch how rapidly it burns back. a lot of things going on this time of year and the basic fog
12:18 am
formation pattern isn't that strong. the fog tends to go away more easily than it would in august. these forecast highs indicate. out in the san francisco area, mid-60s. there's a lot going on around the bay this weekend. there's a lot going tomorrow, there's a lot going sunday. temperatures should be perfect for anything you're doing. whatever you do at night, even the niner game on sunday night out at candle stick, of course you're going to need a jacket. as soon as the sun sets it's getting colder. then it weakens a little bit via this low pressure center on sunday. so sunday temperatures dip a little bit. but this is all subtle stuff. this is stuff you will notice it tomorrow. you will notice it 89 in fairfield. you will notice a little bit of more warmth air tomorrow. sunday it's a little bit cooler
12:19 am
but it shouldn't be a game changer. there's no thunderstorms forecast. 80 in santa clara, 87 in morgan hill. a really neat day as we head into the middle of september here. not that far from the equinox. we're not that far from heading toward winter either. here's how the forecast highs go. on the top tier, you see lots of upper 80s. the thing i see in this, besides it being a great weekend is we're not looking at any real high danger weather pattern in the five day or beyond that which is great news because it's september and october notoriously bad for that. >> bring on that weekend though. >> thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. a couple of rare birds got together in san francisco today. one of the birds actually arrived in an armoured truck at john's grill this afternoon. it is a solid gold jewel encrusted sculpture of an eagle that is said to be worth an
12:20 am
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san francisco police are going under cover to make sure fans play nice at the 49ers home opener on sunday. the department says it willout fit officers in detroit lions gear for the game.
12:24 am
officers will be on the look out for scoupers or anyone selling merchandise. >> i can't wait for that game. the a's and the giants are hot. >> we're getting kind of spoiled. this is semi new. familiar looking game for the giants. not sure how it happened. because it looked like the over guys had men on base all night. after stranding 15 men on base, it starts in the third inning going san francisco. bases loaded. buster posey a little number to third. matt cain who started with a walk. hustling home he is safe and he would go on to win his 14th. bases still loaded for hunter pence who hits it over the fence. grand slam. twenty-firstof the year for him. bases loaded all night it seemed like for the d backs but look at pablo make a sensational play to stave off a rally. say what you will about the guy
12:25 am
because he can move when he needs to. 7-1/2 game lead in the west. and that's because it was bound to happen. the dodgers winning a game again and that they did. they were down 4-3 to st. louis in the sixth. a couple of men on, louis cruz deposits this ball and they're still alive. i don't know if you noticed but there's a little something going on. a thing going on in oakland. i don't know if it's belief fueling ho momentum or momentum fueling belief but they got it. and lots of people showing up. even mr. t., johanescespedes showing up of late. his 19th of the year. but the a's now 2-2 after leading 2-1. johnny gomes at the left. that will score rosales.
12:26 am
the orioles two out runner at fourth. avery tries to start second. you think he's a little pumped up about ending the game like that. when's the last time you saw your team end like that. high school football game of the week, american canyon only their fourth year of existence. first time they've had a senior on the team this year. and making big noise. lots of spirit out there. in the canyon, justin copus their quarterback had a sensational game, up top. they get out quick against s onoma valley and don't let up. 16 carries, 169 yards. corpus meanwhile four touchdown throws. one through the air here. 24yards sprint around the
12:27 am
right, and it was never a game. american canyon is rolling right now. the wolves are 4-0. sonoma falls to 2-2. 45-0. crushing tonight. and for those who may think the hockey season is too long any way. this might be good news for you. talks between the nhl players and owners have broken off completely. a lock outlooks imminent and that's really you know seriously not good news for sharks fans at all. that is the sporting life however friday night. just what we need another labor dispute in sports right. >> i know. especially hockey, i love hockey. >> he makes us aware of it all year. >> won't let us forget it. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning. they will be monitoring tonight's closure of a runway. we're always
12:28 am
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